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Adyen is a Dutch payment company that allows businesses to accept e-commerce, mobile, and point-of-sale payments. Adyen has more than 3,500 customers and is listed on the stock exchange Euronext.

A user mentioned, "Adyen's customer and pre-sales support were, to say the least, non existent. Maybe our expected volume was not high enough for them to be interesting. Unfortunately I never knew. We never got to finish the on boarding process and we stopped receiving answers to our emails with no previous notice, even after we invested quite a good time in the technical integration in advance."


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Lucas says

"As a developer the API is frustratingly hard to use. Enjoy a long and buggy implementation if you choose this over Stripe for some demented reason."

Aaron says

"As an IT support engineer it baffles me that we keep working with this company.
We've been using them since as long as I can remember. They have caused plenty of issues and when they have downtime we are completely in the dark as we are a cards only business.

We changed gear a year ago from e355 to v400m had over 200 e355's. Adyen demanded them back, we said fine but at least give us something in return. NOWP
We happily destroyed every single device rather than to give it back to them so they can sell it to someone else again.
Now the v400m works quite good and reliable but the we've had over 5% of the devices suddenly go into "tamper mode" after which they are just unusable.
Adyen support just tells us to buy a new €500 device and send the broken one back. Again without any compensation, they just remove the tamper mode and sell it on again, full price, maybe even to us!!!!
Crazy practices, wherever I go into my career I will ALWAYS steer clear of Adyen.
I don't even understand how they get away with the European laws regarding warranty."

Tyler says

"I contacted Adyen to become my payment provider. Their sales rep is acting like child and keep ons saying that they don't want to do business unless we add every brand in the holding to them.

I've stopped talking to them several times and after a while get a email from them saying sorry, I reply that I want to work together and they reply with the brands again. Childish.

I just marked as spam and will not do business with them anymore."

Derrick says

"I highly recommend you DON’T use. These guys like to hold onto money for as long as possible so they can accrue interest. Possibly the worst time of my life waiting for a payment as their customer service just provide you with generic responses, knowing full well what they’re doing. Please avoid at all costs."

Derrick says

"Customer service doesn’t really care. Had a problem with their payout method and they just straight away deferred me to someone else."

George says

"I barely leave a one-star review, but I really can not agree with this company setup. Overall, Adyen is a nightmare for me We have stopped the account for 4 months, and they still keep billing us a monthly charge of $150 and there is no way to stop it. I send emails to the support team and even reached their VP of sales Shaun and I still can not make it straight.Adyen won’t fund you until 2 days after and hold your funds for the whole weekend. Their customer support emails only and you never know when they will reply to you If you are using E-commerce, Adyen hosted the check out so you won’t be able to help clients check out in the backend dashboard, which means you can not make a manual order for your clientsAdyen requires your deposit, originally they hold me 5K and the number keeps growing to 10K and keep goes up when I try to transfer my traffic in. Adyen overall rates are also very high. Adyen report is very limited and it’s very hard for you to find or export transaction data"

customer says

"Slow to respond and when they eventually reply there is no care to uderstand the issue, replies are templated, unrelated to the problem. I found support patronising, hasty and unhelpful. Please use some other payment processor. We are moving business to Sagepay."

Piotr Fraczek says

"what a sh...t company. Charged my account and money disappeared 'in cloud' Avoid!!!"

M Z says

"Very bad company, hidden charges, huge deposit fees, you have to buy the terminal for a few hundred francs then they ask for it back at termination, so you don't really own it. Costumer service always repeats the same questions and has no idea what they are doing, I had to constantly repeat my issues. Really borderline dishonest, I would never work with them again!!"

Edwin says

"After i released my webshop 2 months ago i received last week a message that they shut down my account because i was selling drugs??? Im selling vitamins and minarals in the Netherlands which are completely legal. So i tried to get in touch with them but no result. Poor poor service. And because of this i can not receive any payment and so can not make any income. But it seems that they dont care."

161GW017 Jacek says

"Ayden send money on 24/04/2020 to account wchich one was closed in February 2019. Told them I didnt et that money because account is Not in use since 02/2019 they still Talking "payment done" send lots of documents from bank regarding this and they still keep talking stupid things. Useless!"

Saba Kidane says

"How can you contact those people. Can someone help me out please?"

Frank Rodgers says

"A monthly charge of 11.99 euros showed up on my bank statement, with no description of why. Twice I told my bank to cancel the payment, and yet every month it comes back. Somebody is stealing my money."

Eric Alford says

"Adyen is a joke. As many others have mentioned in their reviews, their customer service is a disaster. I signed up on their website twice and spoke to their customer service about why I haven't received further setup instructions. They continued to say they couldn't find my information and just left it at that. Didn't even bother trying to explore the issue or help me get set up."

Hussein Ghrer says

"We had a very bad experience with you.
1. It is mentioned in their developer documentation that it support Android. When we followed the instructions carefully it didn't work. When we submit a couple of tickets and after very long discussions, their team discovered that it won't fully work with Android as documented.
2. After spending about 6 week to integrate their solutions in our App and testing it (considering the previous point), we applied for a live account. But our application was rejected!
The reason behind that is that our average transactions is less than 1000 per month WHICH IS NOT mentioned anywhere in their documents and website.
Even when we suggest that we pay the minimum expected fees, still no luck.
We regret the time we spent trying to integrate promising system with their solution."

mari belda marcos says

"Please do not use this payment method under any circumstances; If they have problems with your order, they are not responsible for anything or help with mediation with the company. They will never get their money back. A disaster. I will never trust you again."

Carlo Falzone says

"Customer care very bad"

Peter says

"Stay away from this payment gateway. We have had numerous problems over nearly 2 years working with them. The support is fast but they rarely offer any meaningful solutions. We lost 1,000s EUR from several clients that systematically returned our direct debit charges, and Adyen never notified us that was happening. There is absolutely no report, nothing that warns you that payments are not going through. When contacting support they argued that we should have paid for an additional service that would basically do that. To notify if a payment is not successful, it's a basic service. I mean, you are payment platform!

The backoffice UI is bad beyond comprehension. It is very hard to understand what Adyen is doing with your money (and I'm an engineer with an MBA), the reports you can get are very basic and getting insights on your transactions, much less understand them, becomes almost imposible.

Last but not least, they sell on low price. However beware because the low rates they advertise apply only for non-commercial visa and MC. If you receive payments with commercial cards (Visa and Mastercard), which is the case if you run a B2B SaaS business, be prepare to pay 2-3x, which makes them 50-70% more expensive than a plug and play solution like Stripe. So our effective fee was about 2.4% (1% more than Stripe who does not offer a full merchant account).

The interesting thing is that the same acquaintance that told me about Adyen a few years ago is now also moving his €20m+/year business away from Adyen to a competing solution, after having been with them for several years. Basically because the same problems. That says it all.

Conclusion: we integrated a new payment platform (with a full merchant account, just like Adyen) in our system and left Adyen last month. We could not be happier."

Mark says

"We are looking to move approx £2M of card processing to a new provider for one of our business units. Despite contacting the sales team 5 times even from different email addresses (thinking it was odd and maybe my messages were in a spam box or something) not one reply. We process approx £15M total per year. If I was CEO of Adyen I would fire the head of sales... comical how much business they must be losing if they can't even get back to clients after the initial email asking for more info or perhaps we are too small but a simple polite email costs nothing saying so)."

Stella says

"Negative 5 stars for Customer Service ( Lisanne )

Our website is under construction and we are a new startup that looking for a payment gateway. Recently, we reached out to Adyen and try to ask some simple questions and she refused to answer those simple question. Saying that they are unable to proceed with our inquiry as our website isn’t fully functional at the moment. Maybe we are from Asia? Or she’s just trying to chase away beginner merchant? Not helpful at all. We are just asking information, not applying for a live account yet. Is it so difficult for you to provide some information on those simple questions? We consider that as rude. We will never ever think of using Adyen again.

Please state on the website that new merchants are not welcomed if you don’t like to accept new merchant. It’s wasting everybody’s time. Feeling disappoints with Adyen’s Customer Service."

Pretzel says

"Adyen welcomes to try the integration. Moreover, they require you to show the ready checkout page before applying for the live account.

However, once you invested sufficient time and resources, they set a sales interview that feels like an entry exam. Only them find if you pass it or not.

I find it disrespectful. Developers time is precious. Throwing the written code is not only wasteful, but demotivating.

Good luck with this onboarding tactics."

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